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Gordon Ramsay To Debut U.S. Version of MasterChef

sg_gordon-ramsayGet ready to set your DVRs for more of everybody’s favorite foul-mouthed limey chef, Gordon Ramsay.

Fox will be adding MasterChef, another Ramsay show, to its hefty lineup for next spring and will be based on the Australian hit. In the show, contestants from all over the country compete for the title of MasterChef. Think American Idol meets Top Chef. “This is a huge, nationwide search for the best amateur cook in America,” said executive producer Howard T. Owens of production company Reveille. “It’s about people who are lawyers, construction workers and stay-at-home moms but whose real passion is to make great food. This is their shot to prove they have what it takes.”

If the new Fox show is like the Australian version (details are still being ironed out), contestants from around the United States will audition by creating a dish for a panel of three judges to earn spots as semi-finalists. The remaining contestants compete each week via team-based and individual cooking challenges until only one remains. This format has aired through several versions in the U.K. with limited success. The Australian edition premiered earlier this year and has dominated the ratings. The finale ranked as one of the country’s most-watched programs in a decade.

Fox is ordering between 12 and 15 episodes compared to the Australia edition, which aired six nights a week, so the final format may change in the coming weeks. Scheduling has yet to be finalized. Fox may air a late spring edition of Hell’s Kitchen “that will bleed into the summer and then, out of Kitchen Nightmares, unveil MasterChef.”

Hell’s Kitchen is Fox’s second-most-popular reality series after ratings-powerhouse American Idol though more versatile than the singing competition. Fox has tinkered with the schedule for Hell’s Kitchen, placing the show at different times of the year, and the show always performs competitively. Ramsay’s other Fox show, Kitchen Nightmares, has not performed as well but is expected to return sometime next year.

Fox will also debut a live cooking special coming up with Gordon Ramsay entitled Cook Along.

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